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At Orpheus Partners we find the investment opportunities others miss.

Not because everyone else isn’t looking hard enough. But because no one else looks the way we do.

We seek out the lesser-known asset managers with differentiating and compelling offers. In our experience, they’re offers that routinely produce better outcomes than the more commonplace strategies available elsewhere. So, once found, we take these invariably higher quality opportunities to investors.

We are London based and regulated while also agile travellers, at ease in international markets.

Being a diverse, multilingual team gives us easier access to the markets we target within Asia, Europe and the Middle East.



We add exceptional and abiding value by doing our homework.  

Beginning with rigorously researching and screening the fresh investment strategies we’ve found.

Those strategies are then presented to investors we already know will be positive and commit the resources to analyse and consider. Because we’ve first taken the trouble to do our research and ensure our ideas more than meet the investor’s standards and objectives.

We are intensely aware of the balance between asset manager and investor and the respect and care it demands from us. So we make sure everything we do furthers the mutual interests of all sides.   

In depth strategy screening and research

Operational advice

Strategy audit

Information services

Assessment of demand

Relationship management

Active focus

Currency & Fixed Income Active

Currency Management 
FX Overlay Global Macro

Asian Equities





Real Estate & Logistics


Private Equity & Debt



Our clients are skilled asset managers but not many can venture as far afield as we do.

Many have geographical limitations. Others lack the marketing resources to look over the horizon to pursue a specific region. Some have a tightly channelled asset focus or boutique range of interests. 

All of which leave many of our peers below the radar of mainstream investors but not beyond our reach. Or, thanks to our extensive and successful industry experience, not beyond our skills and expertise either. 

Deliberately set up to wander and curious enough to find the exception rather than the rule, we’re happy and assured to work in any asset class and represent credible managers to potentially willing investors.



Across our team, we have experience that includes BNP Paribas Asset Management, Federated Hermes, Goldman Sachs,
JP Morgan and UK Department for International Trade. 

We apply all this expertise to source successful and differentiated investment strategies. Matching them to the demands of institutional investors on behalf of our managers.

Our natural ability is supported by the extensive and deep relationships we’ve built over time with those we work with and respect. This covers working with investors ranging from sovereign and government pension funds to major commercial institutional investors, wealth aggregators and family offices.

We are ultimately the fulcrum, the point of balance between our clients and their investors. Intent on delivering the maximum value to both sides, we act with transparency, professionalism, and objectivity.


27 Knightsbridge


United Kingdom


Orpheus Partners Ltd is a limited company registered in England. Registration No. 12527403

Orpheus Partners Limited is an Authorised Representative of Strata Global Limited, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FRN 563834


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